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3 - Prepare the translation tools

There are some things that we need to modify before starting this project.

Open the file called "LoM-Param.lua". You can open it using any text editor. If you open the file you will see this:

NAME_TABLE_1   = "US-PSX-LegendofMana-01.tbl"   -- Name of the first table file (must be in the DIR_TABLES directory

NAME_TABLE_2   = "US-PSX-LegendofMana-02.tbl"   -- Name of the second table file (must be in the DIR_TABLES directory

NAME_TABLE_MTE = "US-PSX-LegendofMana-MTE.tbl"  -- Name of the table file used for insert dictionary (MTE) (must be in the DIR_TABLES directory)

NB_MTE         = 16                             -- Number of entries in the dictionary (MTE) - 234 should be the maximum

NEW_EXE_NAME   = "LOM-ES.EXE"                   -- New name of the EXE in the ISO (replace the original SLUS)

PD: I have been told that is not a good idea to change the original name of the .exe file, as this file is probably used by emulators, cheaters, etc, so type the original name instead which is "SLUS_010.13".

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