domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2014

8 - Translate the pictures (I)

When you open the EXTRACT\TIM folder you will see 187 tim files.

Almost all of them can be edited using Photoshop and the TIM plugin. Just use the allowed colors used by the original palletes and you won't have problems. When saving the TIM files you will have to keep the original information: BPP, CLUT section coordinates, pixel data section coordinates and number of CLUTs. All this information can be obtained opening each file with Tim2view, for instance.

These 4 files cannot be edited using Photoshop:

  • WM1.PIM.tim
  • WM1.TIM
  • WM2.PIM.tim
  • WM2.TIM

We will see how to edit them in the next episode.

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