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5 - Edit the font

We want to translate this game into Spanish, so we will need to add some new characters. This is the original font:

This is just an example so you can see how the font looks like. The truth is that each character is allocated in a 16 x 12 pixel grid. Inside the EXTRACT folder you will find another folder called FONT. If you go there you will find a little file called "FONT.PRS.font". Now we will have to open this little file using Tile Molester (2 bpp planar, 2-Dimensional, 1 tile width).

Now we will find unused characters, so we can replace them with the new Spanish characters needed in our translation.

# = á
$ = é

% = í
& = ó

‘ = ú
[ = Á
\ = É
] = Í
^ = Ó

_ = Ú  
’ = ¡ 
{ = ¿
| = ü
} = ñ

Notice that I used characters that are generally unused in normal texts and dialogues.

When you edit this file using Tile Molester you will notice that the characters are duplicated, but only the first character set is used in the game, so you can ignore the second one.

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