jueves, 4 de marzo de 2021

Mini update

As you may or may not know, our translation was not 100% complete. There were 3 little graphics that we could not find and as a result they were left untranslated. Recently we talked to Ortew and he decided to investigate, and thanks to him we can finally say that the game is completely translated.


To apply the patch just drag the ISO onto the .bat file, that's all.
You will need the correct ISO:

  • Size: 677.406.576 bytes
  • CRC32: 5028946f

These are the translated graphics that were missing, in case you are interested:

Romhack: Ortew

Graphic artist: Wind Glaive

Many thanks guys!

jueves, 15 de marzo de 2018

New patch available!

This new patch fixes and improves many translation problems found in the previous patch.

Download (outdated)

To apply the patch just drag the ISO onto the .bat file, that's all.
You will need the correct ISO:

  • Size: 677.406.576 bytes
  • CRC32: 5028946f


domingo, 29 de mayo de 2016

First patch published!

Download link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzlNWlGlBntUb1NzLS1uTm5ZV1E (outdated)

To apply the patch just drag the ISO onto the .bat file, that's all.
You will need the correct ISO:
  • Size: 677.406.576 bytes
  • CRC32: 5028946f


lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2014

9 - Translate the pictures (II)

You will need Tile Molester Mod:


Now open "WM1.PIM.tim" or "WM1.TIM" (they are exactly the same file)

4 BPP linear, reverse order
160 x 32 tiles

Use this black and white palette:

You will see something like this:

By the way, there are some texts in the bottom left corner of this file.

Do the same thing when you open the other files (WM2.PIM.tim or WM2.TIM). You will get this file:

And that is all you need to know regarding these files.

domingo, 16 de noviembre de 2014

8 - Translate the pictures (I)

When you open the EXTRACT\TIM folder you will see 187 tim files.

Almost all of them can be edited using Photoshop and the TIM plugin. Just use the allowed colors used by the original palletes and you won't have problems. When saving the TIM files you will have to keep the original information: BPP, CLUT section coordinates, pixel data section coordinates and number of CLUTs. All this information can be obtained opening each file with Tim2view, for instance.

These 4 files cannot be edited using Photoshop:

  • WM1.PIM.tim
  • WM1.TIM
  • WM2.PIM.tim
  • WM2.TIM

We will see how to edit them in the next episode.

7 - Update the .tbl files

As you may have noticed, there is a folder called "Tables" and there are some tables in it:

US-PSX-LegendofMana-02.tbl -> This table is used when extracting the texts from the ISO, so this file must not be modified.

US-PSX-LegendofMana-01.tbl -> This table is used to insert our translation, so all the new characters that we changed before must be changed in here as well.

XX-PSX-LegendofMana-MTE.tbl -> This is the table used to insert the MTE codes. The contents of this file should match the contents of the table 01.

Now we will have to change the MTE codes. This MTE codes are stored in the font file and they are used to save space in the ISO, so let's go to the FONT folder and there we will find a littel text file called "FONT.PRS.txt". Open it and you will see the 16 English MTE codes used in the original version. We need to change all of them, and since we want to translate this game into Spanish I've decided to use the most used words in Spanish, which are these ones: de, que, no, a, la, el, es, y, en, lo, un, por, me, qué, una, te.

Each one of these words must be inside the original tags <ptr> and <End0/>. I have noticed that there is a bug in the 6th tag, it doesn't matter which word you type in there, the game simply does not recognize the word, so leave it empty and add a new pair of tags at the end of the file to be able to type the 16 most used words in Spanish. So now there are 17 tags, 16 real tags plus the empty tag.

Now we will have to modify one last file. Open the file called "LoM-Param.lua" which you will find in the main folder. At the end of the file you will see this:

NB_MTE         = 16                             -- Number of entries in the dictionary (MTE) - 234 should be the maximum

After the equal sign we can indicate the number of MTE codes that we have used. Originally there are 16, but due to the bug that I mentioned before we had to add another tag, so now wi will have to type a 17 in there.

It looks like we can add up to 234 codes, so add as many as you want in the .txt file but keep in mind that the number of codes must be declared in this .lua file, and also keep in mind the bug that I mentioned before.

I think that is all.